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〈美擊.Magic〉 音樂會 Percussion Concert

〈美擊.Magic〉 音樂會憑票免費入場。

即日起至10/15(一)可至 報名索取電子票券。


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音樂會介紹 About the Concert: 
    This concert brought to you by the Taipei Percussion Group will feature a diverse repertoire blending classical and animation music, playing melodies that once colored all your childhood fantasies. Between each performance, the host will give brief introductions to the marvelous world of percussion music, helping you know more about every beat that makes your heart sing. So please, come join us at a feast for your ears under the romantic autumn night sky. We sincerely look forward to seeing you at the concert!
演出團隊介紹 About the Taipei Percussion:
      The Taipei Percussion, founded in 1986, grew and matured with Taiwan. It created exposition, school, and community performance tours. It has also gained great attentions on the world stage by performing with world-renowned groups and artists. The Taipei Percussion insists on original creative compositions by local talents, in the hope of laying the foundation for percussion art in Taiwan. It broke new grounds in the areas of creativity, artistic expression, performance and recording techniques while receiving widespread critical acclaims.
演奏曲目 Concert Repertoire:
卡門組曲選曲 / Carmen
胡桃鉗 / Nutcracker
夕陽時光 / Home by Sundown
台灣民謠組曲 / Taiwan Folksong Suite
情熱大陸 / Jounetsu Tairiku
卡農 / Canon
安德森音樂集錦 / Anderson Medley
心情正好 / In the mood
甜美巴赫Ⅱ / Sweet Bach
火焰之舞 / The Lord of Dance
十二街即景 / 12th Street Ragtime
櫻桃小丸子 / Chibi Maruko Chan
天空之城 / Castle in the sky
超級瑪莉 / Super Mario
龍貓 / Totoro
演奏者 Percussionists:
尤文傑  Wen-Chieh Yu
劉羿伶  Yi-Ling Liu
廖予曦  Yu-Shi Liao
黃以涵  Yi-Han Huang
許閔翔  Min-Xiang Hsu
許芯  Hsin Hsu
黃靖元  Ching-Yuan Huang
盧泓呈  Hung-Cheng Lu
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