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「AI人工智慧的奇異樂園-七號騎士人工意識的山水景觀」科技藝術畫展 “Wonderland of AI – the Landscape of Rider No. 7’s Consciousness” Art Exhibition


藝術家簡介 / About Artist:


Mike Yang, born in 1946, obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Arts and Multimedia in the 1990s. Yang’s artwork started involving digital technology in a time when artificial intelligence has not yet gained widespread attention. His solo exhibition- “4th dimension of exploration” was staged in 1992. In April, 2018, a series of artworks deeply engaging with recent development in artificial intelligence was transformed into a grand solo exhibition, entitled "Wonderland of AI" at Yixian Art Gallery, National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. His artwork in recent years mainly focuses on how technology impacts on our society.

展覽介紹 / About the Exhibition:



What kind of price people are willing to pay to become an artificial-intelligence man?

The exhibition portrays a bizarre paradise about the interaction between human beings and the artificial intelligence to explore the human mind. The whole paradigm of the artificial intelligence is based on the interaction between the personality traits of human beings and the technologies of the artificial intelligence. In this paradise created by artificial intelligence, personality traits that point out one of humanity have betrayed human nature. The absurdity of this utopia is the essence of this creation. Such a mode of creation not only hopes to enhance the artistic changes of the art experimentally by the richness of science and technology, but also points out the characteristics of the human nature.

When No. 7 rider ate the artificial wisdom of the electronic apple, the resulting worldview: the artificially landscaped landscape is formed. The whole visual and sensory connection, the quantum biological magnetic field in the microcosm, due to the transformation of quantum entanglement, and then artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness ferment in the mindfulness loop. The landscape, mountains, creeks, rivers and waterfalls of this strange tower of Babel will be combined with the consciousness of the No. 7 rider with the artificial consciousness, into the landscape of the quantum aesthetics.
更多作品介紹請參閱 More introduction:人工智慧的奇異樂園—人工意識覺醒篇









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